The Road to Success: Inspiring Stories from inside Rehabilitation Centers

When you’re beginning to lose hope, you see things in a negative way. Some people who opt out of rehabilitation also begin to see these centers as just money-making machines. However, that simply isn’t true. There are people who have come close to feeling just like that and have lived to be walking stories of hope.

If you’re beginning to run thin on positivity, these stories may provide that refill you’ve been looking for:

Jeff G., Changed Life.Experiences trying to fight addiction alone didn’t work out for him, so he decided to take action and check into a facility. The first facility was so great for him; it did nothing but good things for her. He has no complaints even through the detoxification and withdrawal. The comfort of staff who felt like family helped him a lot.

Jessica S., Feel Good. Since she became addicted to substances, it had been nothing but downhill. However, when she finally had the strength to check into a rehabilitation center, things changed. The assistants and all she experienced in the rehab center had changed her perspective on life. Everything she experienced there had made her a better person.

Allyson L., Accomplished. Having addiction in her life made her day-to-day a living hell. It was like that every day until she checked into a program. This program was obviously the silver lining for her. It was here she accepted what had happened to her; it was through it as well that she became closer with her family. It changed her life for the better.

ashl - The Road to Success: Inspiring Stories from inside Rehabilitation Centers

Ashley W., Changed. When she was mired in addiction, it felt like she lost herself. She was ashamed of everything that had happened until she learned to take responsibility for her actions. The first thing she did in her moment of clarity was to check in to rehab. Regaining control of her life, she managed to find her true self again and learned to love herself for who she was.

Rudy E., Cool Beans.His high started with a low—he got into some really bad times and bad moments. However, when he started taking responsibility and went into rehab, it was all a positive high. Everything had been pretty cool and comfortable, even. He learned to love himself, learned to love what he decided upon. His only wish? A permanent improvement.

It’s okay to lose hope at times. It’s even okay to think things will never improve as long as you have the willpower to pull through. Be responsible enough to seek these stories for yourself by checking in when you absolutely need to!